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HR Function Outsourcing


hSenid Human Resources Function Outsourcing enables an organization to outsource their entire Human Resources department and all its functions. hSenid provides resources in terms of people and systems to support organizations in managing and administrating all of their HR functions, policies and processes.



  • Save time and money - Our outsourcing services are performed in a cost eff¬¨ective and timely manner.
  • Hassle free - We take care of all your HR functions.
  • Focus on your core business functions - You have more time in hand to focus on your core business tasks, while we take care of your HR functions.
  • HR expertise - You will receive best in class HR services by our skilled HR experts and outstanding HR systems.
  • Modern techniques - The latest techniques, systems and tools will be used in order to deliver excellent quality services.

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Access to professional, expert and high quality IT resources.


Hassle Free

Save time, effort for recruitments, trainings & keep you free from management problems.


Modern Techniques

Find the best fits using our latest techniques and trends.



Increase the efficiency of your work with the expertise knowledge in the industry.


Cost Effective

Reduce HR overhead costs through Outsourcing.



Keep running your core business functions while we focusing on your IT activities.