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Payroll Process Outsourcing


hSenid Payroll Process Outsourcing off¬ers the most e client and accurate payroll processing services for organizations. Timely and accurate distribution of employee salaries is the most critical function of any company and it is also the most di cult function to administer and manage.

hSenid Payroll Process Outsourcing takes over the entire operation of the payroll process of any organization from identifying monthly variances to providing statutory reports and payments to the relevant statutory bodies. You can now pass over this task to us without any fear and expect an outstanding service.



  • Save time and money - Our payroll outsourcing services are performed in a cost elective and timely manner.
  • Focus on your core HR - You have more time in hand to focus on your core HR activities, while we take care of your payroll processing.
  • Consolidated payroll - We provide multinational organizations with a fully consolidated payroll of all global offices.
  • Compliance with legislation - We take into consideration all local legislations in whichever country your office is situated.
  • Providing management reports - We provide concise management reports along with the payroll processing, hence there is no time wasted on it.
  • Accurate and fast processing - We use the most contemporary techniques and tools for payroll processing so that you receive the most accurate services very fast.

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Access to professional, expert and high quality IT resources.


Hassle Free

Save time, effort for recruitments, trainings & keep you free from management problems.


Modern Techniques

Find the best fits using our latest techniques and trends.



Increase the efficiency of your work with the expertise knowledge in the industry.


Cost Effective

Reduce HR overhead costs through Outsourcing.



Keep running your core business functions while we focusing on your IT activities.